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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 16
  You open your and see a dark sky dotted tiny white lights, they could be mistaken to be the size of ants. A big two tall gray concrete walls, with vines draping here and there. It looked like the walls stretch to oblivion and it outlined the darkness above. You then realize that you are on that you are in the maze.
  Your heart stopped for a few seconds as the fear settled in. You quickly sat up and looked around, you are in a corridor of the maze and it’s completely dark. The tiny white dots in the darkness above making very little light.
  Your heart pounded hard against your chest and you somehow get yourself to get on your feet. You look back and forth and see the maze corridor stretch till another wall sections out to another way, then another way and then a turn to who knows where and another turn.
  “Newt!” You called out, you circled around, looking left and right. You don’t know where to go and you don’t know what to do. You
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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 15
  Newt pulled you up to your feet, wrapping one arm around you and holding your head to his shoulder with his free hand. He held you like this while he walked you to the Homestead and you followed, not really caring what’s going on anymore. All you felt was an emptiness.
  Even though it only happened moments ago, the doors closing and Thomas’ eyes locking with yours kept replaying through your mind. All you can imagine is Thomas and Minho being chased by Griever’s to only get caught and killed. No one has ever survived a night in the maze and you knew there was no hope for the both of them.
 You were suddenly sat down on something soft, which surprised you and snapped you out of your thoughts. You are in Newt’s room again and he sat across from you on a chair, your knees touching his.
  Your face is drenched in tears, every inch of your cheeks were moistened with salty tears and your nose was runny. Newt grabbed a clean rag and instead of ha
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Injured (NewtxReader) Pt.14
  You open your eyes and see that you’re in a white jumpsuit, you’re not in the maze anymore. It looks like that place you’ve been with Thomas before. A knock comes from the door and you flinch, a boy comes in and it’s a young boy (he looked no older then ten) with brown hair and brown eyes, his hair was a straggly mess.
  “Hey…” He said rubbing his left eye and then yawns.
  “Aren’t you suppose to be in bed?” You asked, cocooning your body up to your chin with your blanket.
  He smiles and walks to your bedside, dragging his feet. “Maybe.” He said sitting on your bed. “You said you were feeling lonely when we had to be in seperate rooms to sleep, and mom said to protect you.” He frowned at you and you smile.
  “Thank you, Tommy.” You say sitting up to hug him.
   “[y/n], we have to do this just right. If we don’t, then everything we
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Injured (NewtxReader) Pt.13
  On your way to the fields with Thomas, you managed to catch a few of Thomas’ concerned stares. You tried to ignore them, because you were really weirded out yourself. But you try not to let it bother you, because it’s really nothing. It hasn’t happened before, maybe it was a one time thing.
  Your spirits filled up when you saw your old friend, James. “Hey Jay, whatcha working on?” You ask as he was cutting a thick dead vine off of a tomato plant.
  He turned around, smile from ear to ear and he hugged you, which took you by surprise. “[n/n]! Showin’ Greenie around again?” He asked pulling away awkwardly.
  “Yeah, I’m actually showing Thomas what being a Track-Hoe is all about. I could use your help.” I said with a smile. “Thomas I know you two met.”
  Thomas nodded, suddenly seeming like he lost his ability to speak. “Still a bit nervous Thomas?” James asked with a chuc
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Injured (NewtxReader) Pt.12
  After relieving Clint of his duties, you had to stay for a couple hours while Chuck took the “greenie sitting duty”. And Clint actually ran by Frypan to get you an early breakfast when he heard you hadn’t eaten since lunch yesterday. After some small talk, Clint went to go take a nap since he had been up since two last night.
  Surprisingly, Ben was very, very quiet today, it was odd. Usually he’d throw a fit by now. Maybe it’s a good sign, maybe he’s healing up! You look out the window and see some of the Builder’s working on Frypan’s chimney, which was starting to degrade.
  You close your eyes, feeling the suns heat beat against your face. You see Thomas and you're back in that room again, a tear leaked down your face and your eyes shot open. You quickly wipe the tear away and shake your head.
  What was going on? Why is this happening to you? Should you maybe mention it to Newt?
  Something wrapped around yo
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Injured (NewtxReader) Pt. 11
   “[y/n]?” You hear Thomas’ voice next to you. “Hey [y/n]!” You flinch and look over. The room is completely different then from the maze. There’s computer screens, people dressing in different clothes, and it seems like this place is nothing but electricity and metal.
  “What’s up?” You asked looking at Thomas, who seems to be a small bit younger.
  He looks around and then back at you with a frown. “Well… they said that you’re ready for diagnostics and then training.” He said with a saddened voice. “It sounds like you're going in before me.”
  “Don’t worry Thomas, I’ll be fine!” You say swiveling in your chair. “Besides, you always get in my way anyways.”
  Thomas smiles and shakes his head. “Alright.” He says looking at you with sincere eyes. He pulls you into a hug and you hug him back. “Just promise to--
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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 10
You listened to Clint and Jeff’s talk about what the Builder’s were doing today, you only nodded and never really said anything. You still waited for Newt to pull you out and talk, but he hasn’t come to.
  You look at your watch and it’s about eight thirty, it’s dark outside and it’s about time you start getting ready for bed. You stand up and look at the guys. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow, I’m gonna head to bed.”
  “Okay, g’night!” Jeff said.
  “Good night, [y/n].” Clint said.
  You nod and walk out the room, down to the bathrooms. No one is in the showers yet, so you quickly take off your clothes and shower. You take in every moment as you wash your body. It’s a nice moment of peace, but you have to get out before some of the boys find out you’re showering. They may come in and tease you.
  You began to put on some clothes and the door opens while you’re
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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 9
  You showed him the Homestead, the Slammer next to it, the Tree Grove and a couple other areas. The last one you wanted to show him is the fields, so you can talk to James a bit. Thomas asked a few questions here and there, you could only answer a few.
  “Okay Tommy, last stop is the fields where the track-hoes work.” You say. “You’ll be doing each job that’s part of the Glade’s starting tomorrow. Then after everything, we’ll see what you’re fit for and you can pick one.”
  “Why only just one?” Thomas asked, yet another question. “You’ve had a couple.”
  “That’s because I prove to Alby I was worthy for each job. You need to earn it.” You say stepping over a plant in the fields. “But anyway, this is the fields!” You say turning to him. By the look at Thomas’ face, he wasn’t impressed. “Well, I know it’s not much. But it’s ac
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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 8
  The sirens stop wailing through the Glade and that meant the box has arrived. Newt walked to the doors and opened it up with some difficulty. James stepped forward and helped Newt pull it open all of the way and nothing but statements of the boy rang through. You grab the rope and handed it to Newt. He throws it down the opening.
  Newt, James, Alby and another boy waited by the opening, as you and two other Glader’s had the rope in hand to pull the Greenie up. You felt a tug on the rope, queuing you and the other two to pull. The four boys at the opening bend down as soon as the see the Greenie and help pull him up. Once the Greenie is up, you stopped pulling on the rope and watched as the Greenie stood up and rotated in slow circle.
  His eyes met yours and he looked quite confused. He kept his eyes locked on your for a few seconds and then kept looking around at the other boys.
  “Look at the greenbean.” Gally said mockingly. “Gonna brea
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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 7
  Ben’s condition hasn’t gotten much better. But that’s expected since he’s gotten stung two days ago. He honestly looks revolting, his pale experience looking like all life has been drained out of him, his veins looking like green throbbing ropes on his body. Where he got stung is so purple and swollen.
  Even you have to take a step out of the room to get away every once in a while. Last night you to the night shift, it’s Clint’s turn now. You sat on the stool next to Ben, tapping your foot as you look at a little note that Jeff and Clint left you. You’ve been alone all morning, except the loud snores that Ben occasionally blurts out.
  They’re telling you the basics of how to treat Ben, which it irritating cause you already know, but Jeff and Clint are gonna be helping the Builder’s do some heavy lifting. Well actually that’s what they wrote, but doesn’t mean they are. They’re just gonna be there
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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 6
  You kneel down to Ben, who moaned in pain, trying to push away your aiding hands. "Where has he been stung?" You asked the surrounding Glader's.
  Minho stepped forward, sweat drenching his shirt and pours from his face. "I caught the slinthead tryin' to climb one of the walls!" Minho shouted in outrage. "He slipped and landed on the ground, then that's when a shuckin' Griever shows up! The Griever practically took Ben away. This slinthead is lucky that I was there."
  Jeff, Clint, Newt and Chuck finally made here one by one. Jeff and Clint kneel down around Ben checking his pulse and fever. Ben tried to push everyone away, wailing in pain. You shove his arms down onto his chest and looked back to Minho.
  "That's an amazing story Minho!" You say with an angry force. "Now I could really use some useful information, by you telling me where he got stung!" Minho rolled his eyes, leaned down and lifted up his shirt.
  It was so revolting, but you've learned how t
:iconwriters-mile:Writers-Mile 10 3
Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 5
  It’s been a little over two months since the kiss, both you and Newt has managed to keep it quiet. You found yourself working as a med-jack more and more, which meant less time would be spent with James. Clint and Jeff are alright though. You’ve become friends with them from the small talk here and there. But not the close friendship you and James had.
  You organize the medical equipment and hum to yourself as you do. It’s been pretty quiet here in the Glade’s this week. Injuries has been few to none and it’s been getting pretty boring as a med-jack. You only wish you could go back and be a track-hoe again. But you don’t argue with Alby’s and the other Keeper’s placements.
  A tapping on the doorway catches your attention. You turn around and see Newt standing at the doorway. “Get another paper cut, Newt?” You joked with a smile. He smiles and rolls his eyes. You pick up a sheet and begin to fold it.
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Inured (NewtXReader) Pt. 4
   For the past six weeks, you’ve been helping the med-jacks on and off with Newt. Sometimes that meant sleeping in the medical cots overnight so you could keep an eye on him. He’s been recovering at a decent rate and he’s been allowed to walk here and there since his fourth week. But now he’s got a permanent limp, which causes him to leave his position from being a Runner.
  Newt was an emotional roller coaster, at least in your eyes. He was relieved, and yet he didn’t know what to do. You always suggested that he could help with you in the fields, which he’s admitted that he wouldn’t mind doing that. But Alby came in a week before Newt was released and nominated him second-in-charge.
 Newt was released yesterday and he looks better than ever. He’s been so cheery about being released, even when people approached him he’d give them a smile or a joke. You liked this side of Newt, a lot. Every meal, even when he wa
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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 3
  The three days went by painfully slow. You found it hard to at least even take a nap during the day to make the day cycle go faster. You and Newt were hardly even able to talk since he was practically asleep the whole time. You wondered what exactly happened to him and what Jeff and Clint give to him for medication.
  But when Newt was up, you tried to talk the day away. And you’ve come to learn that you two were the same, at least when it comes to work. You both hated being on bed rest and you both were ranting on to each other about the frustrations of feeling condemned. But overall, you two learned about each other more than you have in the past.
  Once you were told that your leg was almost completely healed and you could go back to work, you felt like a bird that was finally able to escape a cage. You ran out of the homestead and to the gardens, where you scare James as he bent over to pick some vegetables. You both laughed for a few short minutes and then y
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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 2
                                        ~Two days later~
  You open your eyes, your vision blurred from sleep. The events of what happened to you comes to mind and you quickly sit up, heart racing. You swung your legs over the bed and stood up. A whine comes from your throat and you land on you knees, grabbing the cot for support. You left leg hurt so badly, tear began to well up in your eyes.
  Jeff comes in and see you kneeling by your bed, he puts down whatever he was holding and walked to you. "Woah, woah..." He says putting his arms out to you as you try to get up. "Take it easy, shank." He says pulling you up by your arm. "You need to lay down." He helped you sit on your cot, yet you refused to lay down.
  "You feeling okay?" He asked picking up something off the floor. You nod at absently as your gaze leads to Newt who lays on the bed, unconscious. "If you're w
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Injured (NewtXReader) Pt. 1
  You have been in the Glades for two months now and there’s only a few people who you really trust. The first one would be Newt. He showed you around the Glade, introduced you to some people, but only on times he could spare since he was so busy being a Runner. The next would be Minho, he arrived at the Glade a month before you and you two hit off and became great friends almost overnight.
  The last one would be James, only because you and him worked together on the farms. You two became friends over a long period of time from small talks. It took him a while, but he opens up to you. Farming is your specialty, ever since you arrived in the Glade you quickly became familiar with farming. And you didn’t mind getting your hands dirty.
  But you had strange feelings about Newt that you somehow didn’t understand. Everytime he’d smile at you or even his laugh set you off, it was like you were running for miles and your heart beat is trying to catch up
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